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Realizzer 3D - Build 2014-05-30

- 0000148: [Main Software] Getting all 128 Universes via ArtNET from Madrix

- 0000147: [Main Software] Strobe will be not disabled when its in a specific preset range

- 0000146: [Main Software] Material Map Editor

- 0000044: [Main Software] Scale factor for Clouds and Structure fog in Visual Settings

- 0000145: [Main Software] Multiselection for Material editing

- 0000143: [Main Software] Save Selections in a List

- 0000142: [Main Software] Out of memory on big projects

- 0000141: [Main Software] Adding Random Offsets for Matrix Arrange tool

- 0000140: [Main Software] Beams are visible through objects if camera is inside the beam