Move Objects

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Move Objects

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At first select the Move-Mouse mode by clicking on the Toolbar button "Move"



For moving an object you have three possibilities.


Move Object on view plane


If you select an Object in Move-Mode a green 1m Raster will always be visible and change if you rotate the camera. This is the actual XYZ Axis between Object- and Cameraposition. If you pick a 3D-Model directly it will move on this Raster. You can also see the current distance from the last position.


The Raster can also help to see if objects are parallel to each other.








Move Object with Pivots

MoveObject_PivotBy clicking with the left mouse button on one of the Arrows of the visible Pivot you can move the selected Objects only on the clicked Axis. This is independent from the View-Raster.


Each Axis is defined by a color.

Red = X-Axis, Green = Y-Axis, Blue = Z-Axis