• Realtime Laser SimulationPangolin or Lasergraph DSP Input
  • Realtime and Photorealistic
  • Intuitive User InterfaceEasy to use 3D-Editor
  • Realistic Laser SimulationPangolin or Lasergraph DSP Input
  • LED MatrixIntelliPix example
  • High Level of Performance
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Realizzer also has an easy to use and powerful Fixture Builder enabling you to create your own Fixture Personality files. Import your own 3D-Models and take the advantage of the Scene graph concept. From a simple PAR through to a complex Multisegment LED Moving Head in just a few clicks.


Using the internal console or direct ArtNET Input from any console you can test your fixtures whilst creating them. If you have the real fixture it is possible to send out DMX-ArtNET from the internal console to compare Real- and 3D Fixture at the same time.