• Realtime Laser SimulationPangolin or Lasergraph DSP Input
  • Realtime and Photorealistic
  • Intuitive User InterfaceEasy to use 3D-Editor
  • Realistic Laser SimulationPangolin or Lasergraph DSP Input
  • LED MatrixIntelliPix example
  • High Level of Performance
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Realizzer offers high quality and easy to use video-rendering capabilities. No more low frame rates! Create highly realistic videos rendered in full HD to present your show designs. Realizzer's powerful engine renders your show frame-by-frame at the highest video quality, regardless of how many lights, lasers or video projectors are involved in your design. Realizzer video's can be exported in MP4 H264, WMV, AVI or JPEG Image Sequence and Audio files can be added with just one click.