• Realtime Laser SimulationPangolin or Lasergraph DSP Input
  • Realtime and Photorealistic
  • Intuitive User InterfaceEasy to use 3D-Editor
  • Realistic Laser SimulationPangolin or Lasergraph DSP Input
  • LED MatrixIntelliPix example
  • High Level of Performance
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In Realizzer multiple video sources can be assigned to any Material or Video-Projector. A Video-Source can be powered by an offline Video-File which can be triggered either manually, via DMX or by real time Video input from any capture device. The Material editor also allows you to create all kinds of Video-/ LED Walls.


Video Projections

Using the same Video-Sources you can simulate multiple Video-Projectors. Realizzer also has in-build functions for realtime Geo-Correction and Offsets for Split-Screens and wall projections