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Realizzer 3D - Build 2014-08-19

- 0000168: [Main Software] Progress Dialog while loading/creating project

- 0000165: [Main Software] Error after closed Material Window

- 0000166: [Main Software] Duplicate while CTRL-Key and move object using pivots

- 0000150: [Main Software] Duplicate doesn't work for multiselected items

- 0000163: [Main Software] Sometimes losing saved global light on switching between editor modes

- 0000161: [Main Software] Reset values if double click on Position, Rotation or Scale Text in Transform

- 0000162: [Main Software] Fast 45° rotation steps button in Transformation

- 0000149: [Main Software] Pan Tilt inversion

- 0000159: [Main Software] Automatically switch to Construction Mode after add an object from library

- 0000158: [Main Software] Draw BoundingBoxes of Selection to make visible hidden objects

- 0000157: [Main Software] Ask for X/Y/Z Offset on Add and Duplicate objects

- 0000156: [Main Software] Studio - Video Rendering using JPEG/MP4 H246/WMV/AVI

- 0000153: [Main Software] LED Matrix - distance limited to 100cm

- 0000144: [Library] Show Fixture Info