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In the Realizzer 3D-Editor you can select objects directly in 3D with your mouse. Therefore simply click in the 3D-View with the left mouse button. For Fixtures and 3D-Models you can decide which ones are selectable by the mouse.  Hold CTRL- or Shift-Key for selecting or deselecting multiple objects.



To select multiple objects with your mouse, click and hold the Middle-Mouse button and move.


Another option is, to hold CTRL+Shift Key and use left mouse button.

Selection Modes


If "Select Fixtures" is active you can only select Fixtures.

If "Select Meshes" is active you can only select 3D Models

If both are selected you can select all.


Selection Order

All Objects will be added to the Selection List in same order as you have selected them. If you are using the rectangular Multiselection, the selection will be sorted from left to right in the current View. The Selection Order is important if you are doing Autopatch or Arrange objects.