Visual Settings

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Visual Settings

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The Visual-Settings Window contains all controls to change the visual properties of the current 3D-View. Use the "Visual Settings" Button in the Main Toolbar.



The Visual Settings are grouped to 4 Sections:


Global Light: Changes the Global Light Intensity

Haze: Changes the intensity for all light beams

Glow: Produces a Bloom/Glow effect for all bright areas



This section changes the render-quality for Shadows, Beams and Antialising. If the frame rate quality of Realizzer goes down, try to reduce the quality from here.



Realizzer Supports a physical Scanner-Simulation. Depending on selected Sampling Rate 8x or 16x this takes less or more performance.


3D Smoke

Using the Structure and Clouds fader you can adjust the the density of 3D Clouds that are visible for Laser- and Light beams.

Direction: Changes the vector direction of Cloud movement

Speed: Changes the speed of Cloud Movement