Laser Projectors

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Laser Projectors

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With Realizzer you can simulate all kinds of ILDA controlled Laser-Projectors via a Live-Signal from a supported Laser-Controller. Realizzer supports Laseranimation Sollinger GmbH and Pangolin Beyond controllers. Realizzer will automatically detect an incoming signal from Laser controller and route it to the specific Laser-Source.


Add a Laser-Projector

1. Select the Construction-Mode

2. Open the Library to insert a Laser-Projector Fixture and add them same way as you would for a 3D-Model or Lighting Fixture.



The Laser-Outputs are assigned by Laser-Sources which is a number from 1-255. You can select the current Laser-Output index also in the Laser Controller. To setup the current Laser-Source for your patched Laser-Projector select the new added Laser-Projector and go to the Object Settings Window:


The "Active" checkbox will deactivate the Laser-Output of the current Projector. Select the Laser Source using the "Laser Source" Combobox.