Setup Laser-Output from Pangolin Beyond

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Setup Laser-Output from Pangolin Beyond

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For the communication between Realizzer and Pangolin Beyond an Ethernet/Multicast Protocol is used. The advantage of this is that multiple receivers are possible and can also be on the same PC at the same time. Make sure your using a Router or Network switch which supports Multicast.


To activate the realtime Laser-Data Output in Pangolin Beyond do following steps:


1. Start Realizzer & Pangolin Beyond

2. In Beyond's Mainmenu go to View > "Enable visualization via external software..."



Setup Zone-Settings

In Beyond you can assign to a Projection-Zone to a specific Laser-Output which is equal to the Laser-Source number in Realizzer. Go to "Settings > Projection-Zones". Here you can change all Zone relating properties. In the "Advanced" tab you can set the Laser Source Output Index for Visualization. In Beyond its called "Fixture Number".