Setup Laser-Output from Lasergraph DSP

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Setup Laser-Output from Lasergraph DSP

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For the communication between Realizzer and the Lasergraph DSP from Laseranimation Sollinger an Ethernet/Multicast Protocol is used. The advantage of this is that multiple receivers are possible and also on same PC at the same time. Make sure your using a Router or Network switch which supports Multicast.


Make sure you are using a Lasergraph DSP which has newest system software (minimum 2014) from Laseranimation Sollinger.


1. Start Realizzer and Boot the DSP.

2. Start the LGRemote Software and connect to your DSP.


Setup DSP for Visualization

3. Type "setup" into the Commandline to show the Setup Window.

4. Then click on "Visualization"



5. Select "Realizzer 3D" as Software

6. The checkbox below will activate the Laseroutput.

7. In the Editbox you can set the Laser Source Output Index to which the DSP will send the Data. This compares to the Realizzer Laser Source Number.