Material Settings

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Material Settings

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A Material contains various settings to change the look of the 3D-Model.


Material Color

This will change the Diffuse Color of the Material. Use the RGB Sliders to adjust the color. By clicking on the color panel an additional Color-Dialog will come up.



The Texture defines the Image that will be shown on the 3D-Object. If you have inserted a Texture from the library the File path will be filled automatically. By clicking on "Import from file" you can select another image from any other source. (Note that all files will be copied to your projects content path). The Button "Remove", will clear the texture of the Material.


Texture Mapping:

The Texture Mapping defines how the texture will scaled on the 3D-Model. Offset-X and Offset-Y will move the full texture horizontally or vertically. Tiles-X and Tiles-Y will adjust the size of texture.



Specular:        Produces a shiny/glossy finish on the 3D-Model

Emissive:        Emissive means that the Object will be emit light itself and will glow

Alpha:                Changes the transparency of the 3D-Object


Video Texture:

This displays the Live-Input from any Video-Source into the Texture. Select the "Active" Checkbox and select a Video-Source. See Video-Sources for more Information.