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The Realizzer 3D Editor offers a powerful and easy way to change the Material for each 3D-Model. If you have already loaded a 3D Model which has Textures or Materials on it, the new Material will override the existing material.


Drag & Drop from Library

In the Library window you will find a Folder called "Materials". This folder contains a lot of different Texture images which you can simply drag over any 3D-Model in the 3D-Window. After you have put the material on the 3D-Model a new "Material Settings" Window will appear next to the Object Settings window. From here you can change the details of the material.


Add Empty Material

If you just want a colored Material or if you want to select a Texture from an external source, you can create the Material manually. Select the 3D-Model you want to apply the material to, right-click and click on "Add empty Material".


Remove Material

To remove a Material you have added to a 3D-Model simply select the 3D-Model, right click and click on "Remove Material".