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In Realizzer you can move or rotate any object and it's child objects (see Objects & Scene Graph Window). This is possible by adding one or multiple motor objects, sames as its done inside f.e. a moving head fixture.


1. At first lets add some objects we want to move. f.e. a truss including some lights.

Hint: It is always best practise to build them at zero height (Y=0), just hide the default ground plane in that case.



2. Group your objects into a single group object.




3. Add a Machinery Motor



4. Now lets move our group objects under the machinery motor to be a child of it.



5. Setup the Machinery Motor to get DMX-Input

- Go to the Advanced Settings Tab and prepare following settings:



The DMX Input Channel to control



The DMX Input Universe to control. (Note that this starts by 0 here!)



Set to TRUE



Select the wished mode. In our case use Move



In our case we want to move up, so Y



In case of rotation ins Deg/Sec, in case of move its cm/sec speed


MinAngle, MaxAngle:        

In case of rotation its the min/max Angle, in case of Move its min/max distance to move in cm


The rest of settings are not needed here.


Now you should be able to move the truss using an external DMX signal. Unfortunately it is not possible to control that motor using the offline console.

Hint: However, it would be possible using any 1ch dummy fixture patched onto the same dmx address, which gives you a fader on offline console.